Black Arbor

Every once and a while I get to sneak out and do something creative to feed my soul. This was one of those times :-) I’m a huge fan of Jonathan Mobley's art work, and have always wanted to capture him in the process of creating one of his works of art. It blows my mind that in the span on just a few hours, what was once a blank sheet of paper can become something so much more. I love how Jonathan’s artwork wrestles with a balance between beauty and darkness, and sometimes challenges the viewer to contemplate which is which! It was also an extreme joy to collaborate with Greg Johnson from Acoustic Labs on the music for his one. Greg is off the charts talented, and it was an honor to use his music. I sincerely hope you all enjoy the video, and would appreciate a share if you did so others can enjoy it too. Peace!

Grooving in 15/16

I'm continuing the odd-time theme with this killer 15/16 track from Jim Riley's Survival Guide for the Modern Drummer. Had a lot of fun with this one! My hi-hat clutch came undone halfway through but I just kept going 😊 Hope you all enjoy!

Gear: Dixon Drums Artisan Limited Series kit (3-ply Cordia/5-ply Maple), Artisan Aluminum Snare, Bosphorus CymbalsZildjian Company mix for trash cymbal, Ultimate Ears Pro UE11 in-ears, and some Vic Firth Gregg Bissonetteseries sticks!

Grooving in 5/8

I absolutely love practicing with the odd-time tracks from Jim Riley's Survival Guide for the Modern Drummer. This is the 5/8 track, and my goal here was just to find the pocket and groove. No flashy chops. Just good old fashion grooving in 5/8. Hope you all enjoy. More to come!

For you gear nerds out there... I'm using my Dixon Drums Artisan Limited Series kit (3-ply Cordia/5-ply Maple), Artisan Aluminum Snare, Bosphorus Cymbals, and some Vic Firth 8d sticks!

Shutterfest 2017 Portfolio

I had the pleasure of attending Shutterfest for the first time ever this year. The event took place in St. Louis and delivered all kinds of classes, workshops and incredible photography opportunities. Like any first-timer would do, I signed up for all the cool classes. But by the end of the first day I was already skipping them for the cool Rent-A-Human service that the event provided.

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Morning Workout #2

So I came across an old play-along track that I had received with a Roland electronic drumset and decided to throw together a quick video of me jamming to it. I originally thought the bass line was super corny in the beginning, but as I dug in a little deeper I found myself wanting to play a nice, slow groove. I really liked the pocket of that groove and hope you all enjoy it too :-)